Hi y'all! If you're following me on Instagram, then you already know, but I am so excited to have this unit done! It has been a busy, busy late winter/spring for me and TpT and the blog kind of got pushed to the back burner for a bit. Hopefully I'm back for good and everything else sorta slows down right now. Fingers crossed! :)

Anyways, I'm hoping to get into a routine of blogging more consistently here on Life in Fifth Grade. I've had two really productive days in my home office, so I have high hopes! LOL 
Today I'm sharing my latest unit. My Greek and Latin Roots unit is finally finished and uploaded! This is the first unit I've uploaded since January! I am SO happy to have this one done and in the store. Some units almost create themselves they are so easy, but this one was a challenge! I'm not a huge fan of teaching Greek and Latin Roots (more power to you if you love it!) and so I think that was the reason why I wasn't motivated. I am so happy with the way it turned out though and I'm hoping it will inspire me to be more creative when it comes to teaching this vocabulary/word analysis skill!

Here's a little preview of what is included in the 180+ page unit. It also comes with a PowerPoint Presentation that you can show and use as a little review/practice game. I asked on Instagram, but if you use Google Drive/Classroom in your classroom, let me know! I am thinking about creating digital versions of some of my resources for y'all to use! :) 

You can find this Greek and Latin Roots Unit here. Psst! Be sure and check out the end of this post for a chance to win the unit! :)

You can find my A Trait A Day unit here and my Fun with Idioms unit here. I plan on sharing more about how to use these three units together soon! :)

Want to win a copy?? Leave a comment below telling me one of your favorite skills to teach and I'll randomly pick two winners tomorrow morning! Be sure and leave an email! :)