Starting off class with a conference room meeting!

8:03 AM
Because if I can incorporate The Office into my classroom, you better believe I'm going to do it! ;)

We all know how important it is to start off class the right way! When you teach lower elementary, there's always "calendar time" where you add the new date and go over the same thing every day like the days of the week, the months of the year, what today is, what tomorrow will be, what yesterday was, etc. We do that so that the kids will understand it better. That's the beauty of a spiral review. 

When I started thinking about how to incorporate this into upper elementary, I looked at what skills the kids struggle with and need the most reinforcement. To start off with, I decided on character traits (which is really also increasing student vocabulary), greek and latin roots (hello, vocabulary!), and idioms (which aides in comprehension, especially for ELL). I combined this with my agenda board ( a list of daily tasks that need to be completed during that day's lesson) and the focus question/ lesson standard/objective and came up with a meeting board that is perfect for starting off each class! 
I finished this board last night and I'm so pleased with how it turned out!

So how do I plan on using this board? 
My plan is to have a student lead the conference each day. At the beginning of class, the kids will come to the front of the room and sit at this board. (There is a rug underneath and I also have a few stools and pillows that others can use since the rug won't fit all of my 5th graders.) 
The student that leads the conference that day will display a new idiom, root, and trait and announce each new addition to the class. They will tell the others what standard we are covering and what our objective is for the day, along with the question that we are focusing on. I really want this to be student led, so I'm hoping this process works! 

The folders in the middle of the board will hold the daily papers for "Root of the Day", Idiom of the Day" and Trait of the Day". This way the student leader of the day will simply reach into the folder and place the new addition to the correct box. 

Now, we all know that we can create the perfect area and the perfect board setup, but we have to hold the students accountable, right?? That's where the interactive notebook pages come in! I'm going to have students come to the "conference room" everyday with their notebook that will be set up to follow the board. That way they will be accountable for the day's addition and be able to have a reference tool to look back at. Let me know if you want an example.

I hope this answered your questions about this board. Finding a great way to start class each day is crucial and I'm hoping this "conference room" idea makes the most of each class time! :)

Interactive Genre Bulletin Board

11:29 AM
Happy Wednesday, y'all! I am so excited about one of my new ideas for this year and I can't wait to share it with y'all! I want to make learning the different types of genres more meaningful to the kids, so I came up with an interactive bulletin board that I think will really help! You can check it out here! :)

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