It's book study day, y'all! Who else is excited for today?? 
I really loved chapter one! I'm excited to share my thoughts with y'all. Here's what my notes looked like for this chapter:

Let's start discussing!

The first part that stuck out to me was the story of Marcus and how he thought his writing was the "wrong" kind of writing for school. I've had so many kids in my class tell me about a book they are reading at home and when I suggest that they bring the book to school to read during independent reading time, they always something like "oh, it's just a home book. It's not something you would read in school." We have to change this thinking. I want my students to leave my class thinking of themselves as "everywhere readers" not just readers who read at school when it is required. We have to change this way of thinking. It's like Marcus' writing. I realize that we have to teach the kids skills like how to write certain ways with topic sentences and transitions, but there also has to be more "free writing" and "free reading" right? How can we merge the two together? How can we implement this effectively?

Another point that stuck out to me were all the reasons the students gave when asked why they didn't like reading. I paraphrased their responses, but they basically said:

Are you guilty of doing any of these things that the kids said they hated? I sure am! And yes, I realize that we can't cater our teaching to everything students will love and omit everything they hate, but in order for them to develop a love of reading, they have to look forward to the actual reading part. The second to last reason given was chapter questions and this made me think about when I do a novel study in my classroom. I also do chapter checkpoint questions that require the kids to look up answers to literal, "right there" questions that the majority of them already know if they have been paying attention to our reading, but I make them include the page number that they found the answer on in the text to help them practice looking up an answer. Now, I feel they need practice on how to locate a certain piece of information in the text, so I don't want to change the actual assignment, but I can change the way I present the assignment to them. I made this little note (just look over the mistake...not "they" but "the") a bit later in reading chapter one and it made me think back to the chapter questions assignment.

We have to "sell it" if we want students to enjoy our class and our subject. If we act like it's a boring assignment, the kids will treat it as such. And believe me, I get it. Some days are harder than others. Some days I feel like I have all the energy in the world and I'm channeling Mrs. Frizzle, and other days it's a struggle, but we have to try! Instead of just giving the kids the chapter questions, I sometimes turn it into a game where we race to find the answer or work with a group to explain the answer in the most detailed way possible. We have to make it exciting.

When the authors gave the three reasons why we should read (or why kids should read), they said 

1)to grow
2)to discover
3)to change

I'm going to add a fourth reason

4) to get lost

I am a HUGE reader and one of the main reasons I read is to get lost in a story. I absolutely love my life and there are very few things I would change about it, but I love nothing more than to curl up with a book and get lost in a story about a girl who returns to her southern town to fix up her grandmother's cottage and falls in love with the carpenter.  :) :) We have to teach our kids how exciting reading can be. We have to change their way of thinking. Reading isn't just answering questions or filling out a Venn diagram. 

I love how at the end of each chapter, there's a "Turn and Talk" section where the authors have questions for discussion. I thought I would pick one or two each chapter and include them in these post so we can discuss in the comments. Let me know if you think there's a better way to do this!

1) Some teachers think that in the future, reading may not be as importance as it is now since we will have more audio books and be able to turn to the internet for information. What do you think about this? Do you think reading will go away? Or be less necessary?

As always, here's the posting schedule for the book study. I'm ready to hear YOUR thoughts! What stuck out to you from chapter one?

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