Okay y'all, today's post is all about our summer book study that will take place this summer. I'm also excited that everyone picked Disruptive Thinking: Why How We Read Matters by Kylene Beers and Robert E. Probst. If you want to join, here's the info you need:

1) You will, of course, need the book! You can find it here if your local bookstore doesn't have it in stock.
2) Here's the posting schedule. 
As you can see, the first post is next Thursday. This means we will be discussing the introduction, part I, and Chapter one in one week. I will be writing a blog post about my thoughts, so you can comment here on these weekly blog posts, or you can also comment on my blog's Facebook page. If Instagram is more your thing, I will also post there (@lifeinfifthgrade) each week so you can comment your thoughts there. This way everyone can use their preferred social media AND you also have three different platforms to read everyone's discussions! If you don't get the book in time to read the first section by next Thursday, don't worry! I'll post on next Thursday, but you can always add your thoughts when you finish. :) 

I'm really excited to dive into this book with y'all. Summer is the perfect time to get to all those professional development books that will inspire and motivate you for the next school year. Check out my favorite PD books in yesterday's blog post here

If you have any questions, let me know! 

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