Happy Wednesday, friends! I asked earlier if y'all wanted to see what my syllabus that I give out at the beginning of the school year looks like and y'all did, so here it is! Now, I didn't make an editable template for y'all, because everyone's class is set up differently, so I didn't think it would work for anyone. I'm just posting this so you can get an idea of what mine looks like and what I put in it. We go over this syllabus on the very first day. I have the kids take it home and their parents/guardians have to read it and sign off that they have read it and understand it. I collect those slips and keep them all year. I make the students leave this syllabus in the very front of their binder in a clear page protector. This way, if anything comes up throughout the year, I can refer back to the syllabus. 

Like I said, we go over this on the very first day of school. If you want to know what else we do during the first couple of days, let me know and I'll work on a post! :)