Happy Tuesday, y'all! This week's Teacher Tidbit Tuesday topic is your favorite Instagrammers. If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with Instagram. I LOVE finding inspiration through this social media app, whether it's for fashion, teaching, or reading! You can follow my accounts if you want to see my posts.

Fashion/life+style: @msleslieann01

In this post, I'm sharing a few of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. If I included everybody that I love, this post would go on forever! And if I'm being completely honest, I'm typing this late Tuesday afternoon after a crazy, busy day and I have about 30 minutes to work on it before I have to leave to go somewhere else. My life has been so so busy right now, y'all! I'll try and do another post like this soon because there are so many people I love to follow and that I want to share with y'all!


Terri's eye for design is spot on and her TpT creations are fabulous! You will love.

Maddie's stories are so funny and real and after watching her, you'll want to be BFFs!

Teacher+fashion...need I say more? I LOVE this girl's OOTD posts!

If you want to be inspired, follow Brittany. She is such a passionate teacher that gives classroom makeovers that are so fun to watch!

Not only do I love Katie's thoughtful posts, but she shares the best books that her kids love. I always find new books to add to my classroom library. 

Need posts that make you think? I LOVE this account!

Great ideas to use in the classroom and also some great book suggestions too!

Need tech help or knowledge? My go to for new ways to incorporate technology is Mitchel.

The picture book queen!

I've followed Babbling Abby since my first grade days. I feel like I've watched her children grow up and I'm fully invested in their lives LOL!

Fonts galore. Although I do get sad looking at her anchor charts because mine will NEVER be that pretty. :(


Chelsea shares the best books that I always put on my TBR shelf! She reads all kinds, but she shares mostly thriller/mystery.

Alyssa and I have such similar tastes in books! I love to see what she's reading and what she thought about it. 

I LOVE how Amy incorporates fashion and books. Bonus...she's a teacher!

Kristina is one of my absolute favorite teachers and I feel like we're twins. She teaches first grade and shares her fashion on IG. I LOVE her account!

This girl is a boutique owner that lives in Nashville. I love her IG stories and her hair is perfection.

Catlin is a huge fashion blogger that just got married. Even though we don't really have the same style, I love her posts. She works from home, which is my dream LOL

I can't post about my favorite Instagrammers without sharing my IDOL. Reese is just perfection in my eyes. Perfection!

That's it for today's Teacher Tidbit Tuesday post. Here's what topics are coming up. 

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