Happy Tuesday, y'all! It's time for our weekly Teacher Tidbit Tuesday post and today's topic is planning your classroom for the new school year. 

If you've been a long time follower of my blog, you know I'm all about some classroom decorating. I LOVE decorating! I cannot wait until my house is built so I can have a new space to decorate. I love changing the design of my classroom every summer because it's just fun for me.

I never have a theme. I just always do bright colors. Every summer I think about changing it up and doing a two color "theme", but then I see all the bright colored things in the stores and I know I would get tired of two colors reallll quickly, so I just always stick to brights!

Although I love the design aspect of it, I think it's more than just having a "cute" room. To me, the way I map out and design my classroom makes the space work for my teaching. I think, research, and plan out where I want each area to be so the flow of the room is right. I think, research, and plan out what my displays are going to be because each display goes along with my teaching. It's not just having a "cutesy classroom." It's making the classroom work for a successfully managed class. I fully believe this. The space needs to work for YOU! 

Here's how I plan out my classroom each summer.

I start by thinking of what displays I'm going to need and where they should go. 

Then I map out the classroom and draw where the displays will be so I can get a sense of how the room will be pictured and how easily accessible the boards will be to the kids. 

Then I think about how each board will be designed and I do a little mock up on the computer, so I can see it and play around with the look of it. 

Then I make a list of things I need to make for the boards!

How do you plan out your classroom design? I would LOVE to know! :)

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