Hi friends! I’m about a month into my very first Master’s class at the University of West Alabama online, and I thought I would pop in and give y’all a little update on how everything is going. You can check out my first post here.

Now, the entire class is online (in fact, the entire Master’s program is online!) and to be honest, I was a bit intimidated by that. I took online classes when I got my undergrad, but we would have weekly or monthly meetings so you could check in and make sure you were understanding everything. This is completely online, which can be a little terrifying, but let me tell you: it’s SO not scary! The professor that is teaching the class that I’m taking is super helpful and always available to answer questions. He posted an intro video and explained the basics of the class and when everything was due. I cannot tell you have helpful that was!

My weekly assignments are always due on Sunday night, which is convenient. I never forget since it’s always on the same day. In addition to the assignment, we also have to answer a discussion question in the discussion board and respond to our classmates’ answers.

Another part about UWA online that I like is how they check in on you. When you are admitted into the program, you are given an academic counselor and your counselor calls and emails weekly to make sure you are staying on track and not having any difficulties. That is so helpful when your entire degree is online!

A lot of y’all have messaged me about wanting to go back and get your Master’s degree. I would HIGHLY recommend the online program at the University of West Alabama. You can check out the different kinds of Master’s degree programs they have to offer here.