Christmas Around the World

3:46 PM
Hi teacher friends! I have been working on several new holiday themed resources, but I couldn't forget about an old favorite that I thought I'd share with y'all today because this 3 year old just got a makeover!

My Christmas Around the World comp files make researching and learning facts about other countries' holiday traditions fun and exciting! Here's what's included in this resource:

*6 informational text passages with constructed responses questions that require text based evidence*
*A Passport Project* 
*Search and find facts sheets*

I like to use the following two websites for this project:

Students can use these search and find facts sheets with the websites or the informational text passages

For the passport project, students will create their own passport book (included in the resource) and fill it with facts about other countries' Christmas traditions using the informational text passages and the websites.

You can grab this resource here!

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