Guided Picture Book Read Alouds

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Hi friends! I asked on Instagram yesterday if y'all wanted me to explain my seasonal bundle of guided read alouds in a blog post or Youtube video, and the poll ended at 50% video/50% blog post! I'll share in this blog post, and then talk about it in a vlog so everyone can enjoy their preferred method :)

Before we talk about the bundle, let's first talk about what my Guided Picture Book Read Aloud resources are. I currently have 6 available in my TpT store:

These are all available in the seasonal bundle as well. 

These Guided Picture Book Read Aloud resources are best suited for upper elementary, specifically grades 4-6,  although they could be modified for third grade.

The thing I love most about this resource is that EVERY book is available FREE on Epic! If you don't use Epic in your classroom, you need it-especially if you're a 1:1 device classroom. It's the PERFECT way to get a copy of the book in the hands of every single student. I LOVE it!

These guided picture book read alouds can be used in a multitude of different ways. They can be used to extend a read aloud and provide extra practice. They can be used as morning work, or at a literacy center. Even whole group, small group, or independent work. Whatever works best in your classroom!

Here are the books that are included in this seasonal bundle. Please note: The picture books are NOT included in this unit. This is merely a guide to show what picture book each monthly guided read aloud will be themed around.  Again, all of these books are available on Epic!

So, now let's talk about what is included in each Guided Picture Book Read Aloud resource:

Vocabulary Words:
Each set comes with 7-15 vocabulary words and several different format options:

*Full Size Posters

*Word Wall Cards

*1/2 size cards

Vocabulary Activities like Frayer Models:

And a vocabulary quiz:

Every resource also contains a variety of graphic organizers:

Each unit has a Check of Understanding comprehension question sheet with answer key: These can also be used as a comprehension quiz:

Also included are constructed response question stems (like the ones in my Comp Files units) and an evidence bookmark:

(Answer key also included)

The ABC books (S is for S'mores, P is for Pilgrim, etc) also include a main idea ABC book that the kids can create and determine the main idea for each section and then provide details. This would be a longer project as it is time consuming! 

The ABC book can be seen here:

The following units are currently available in the seasonal bundle and also individually in my store:

The other units will be added according to the schedule below:

If you purchase the growing bundle in June, you'll save $25. After June the price increases to $75-which is still $20 off the price if each unit is purchased individually!

You can grab your copy here:

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