About Me

Hi y'all! Thank you SO much for stopping by my little teaching blog. I hope you found something you can take back to your classroom. :) Since you're here, you must want to know a little more about me, so let's get started!

I'm a twenty something 5th grade teacher in a small town in Alabama, which just so happens to be the school I attended for 13 years. I love teaching at my home school, although it does take some getting use to the fact that many of my co workers are my former teachers!

I've taught 5th grade reading for two years. Before that, I was a first grade teacher for 4 years. Although I loved teaching such a young grade, I have found my calling in the older grades. And the fact that I get to teach reading all day just makes it that much better! 

My first class I ever taught turned out to be my first class of 5th graders! They hold a special place in my heart. :)

This past summer, I purchased my first house!
Don't judge the hair..it was very humid that day! And that yucky brown porch has now been painted a crisp, fresh white! 

I'm currently enjoying decorating the house. You can follow all my home adventures on my life+style blog, Southern Belle Inspired

A few fun facts about me:

* I'm the *pickiest* eater EVER! Seriously, I've never had a hamburger, any kind of cake or pie, or cookies. If I didn't live on french fries and chicken fingers, I'd be the skinniest person ever! 

* I'm an only child

* I've never been married. In fact, they past three guys I've date have gone on to marry the next girl they dated. I'm a real life Good Luck Chuck! ha! 

* If Josh Murray ever becomes the next Bachelor, I'm taking a leave of absence and auditioning for The Bachelor. 

*I'm obsessed with Instagram. Follow me (msleslieann01)

* I love to read (mainly YA Fiction). I'm currently making my way through the Michael L. Printz Award Winners

* One of my goals is to become a fashion blogger...if only I could post consistently! 

* I own the cutest Maltese in the world. Her name is Reese, after the amazing Reese Witherspoon. 

Hope you enjoyed reading! Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Hi Leslie, I have enjoyed looking at your blog and am getting some great ideas! I appreciate you taking the time to share them. I've been out of the classroom for a couple of years but am planning on returning next year in 4th or 5th ELA, so I've been inspired looking at your classroom and reading your posts.

  2. I'm so happy I found your blog! I am starting my first year in teaching in 5th grade reading :)))

  3. Hi Leslie, I'm a first and second grade teacher in israel and writhing to blog "Teacher in pajamas" (My blog is written in Hebrew). I love your blog and thanks to you i got familiar with the The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. Me and my Colleague translated the project to hebrew and made the first The Mysteries of Harris Burdick project in israel. thank you for a being an inspiration.

  4. Hi Leslie,
    I am a new follower as of today! Love your blog and products. Like you I am moving to fifth from first this year-but for the second time.Love your ideas and just printed your text evidence product!!

  5. Ps.Love your Maltese-we have a King Charles spaniel who is very fashionable as well!

  6. So glad I found your blog. I'm a teacher from a small town in Western PA. I was a special ed teacher for 4 years, K teacher for 1 year and a 1st grade teacher for 4 years...making the move to 5th grade ELA this year. I'm excited, but beyond a little nervous. Reading through your blog has helped with ideas that already where swirling around in my head and I'm become super excited! Keep up the great ideas!

  7. I am also glad I found your blog! Love, love, LOVE it!!! I taught 5th grade for 33 years . . . 1980-2013! Beginning my 4th year of retirement! HUZZAH!!!
    I see that you love reading, and Young Adult books! Here are 2 links to Young Adult books that my very own former 5th grade student authored!!! Also, if you like to read blogs, on the right side of mine, under labels...if you click on "Proud Miss Mitchell Moment", you can see all of the success of how wonderful 5th graders can turn out to be!!!
    Have a fabulous school year!!!



  8. Your so funny. I am a fifth grade teacher too. I taught first for many years and then got asked to take on a really tough fifth grade class. One of my favorite barre instructors is from Alabama. Do they have the bar method in Alabama? I also function off of Reese's positive attitude (especially being blonde). I have a blog I never really used because I got so caught up in my Master's. Your blog is fabulous and I'm definitely going to use your VIP and Syllabus. Make sure you check out Draper James. I went last year to the store in Nashville but you can order online. Thanks for all the color and the fresh ideas! You've inspired me!!

  9. Hey, I'm working on re-vamping my reading class. Do you use a certain reading curriculum or do you mostly design your reading program yourself?